Who We Are

Boznom is a consulting firm specialized in business strategy for emerging markets with a special focus on Africa and South America.

We have a vast network of contacts that allow us to make the connection between new projects and business opportunities and the funds necessary for their implementation.

Our company follows the evolution of each company, at any stage. Structuring the business, raising funds, supporting cost optimization, finding solutions and partnerships to expand into new markets and new opportunities.

We are a team of consultants with extensive professional experience and a permanent focus on creating long-term value for our clients, promoting investments in a consistent, safe and high-return manner.

Our Values


We strictly adhere to the ethical principle of complying with what we have agreed with our Clients in an effective manner and within the established deadlines;


Give constant attention to our ability to achieve the results and objectives we want.


Enthusiastic dedication to work, to the quality of services and, to the established commitments.


Understanding that established objectives with our customers constitute an exclusive commitment that must be kept in a discreet and reserved way.

Our Team

We have a vast team of highly qualified professionals and consultants and an international network of partners that guarantee the success of our work in the different geographical regions where we operate.

Where We Are

Our company is based in the United Arab Emirates and we have our team of partners and consultants covering several countries in Africa and South America.